Privacy Policy

+Privacy of Foto Express Company Statement+

 Aware Foto Express Company (the "Company") that the personal information management in an appropriate manner is very important. Accordingly and in line with the Privacy Policy, we will be treated as personal information as follows:

1 - get personal information
The company will not only get personal information that may be necessary and in a manner fair and legitimate, and will ensure that restrict the use of such information.

2 - Use of Personal Information
You may use the personal information obtained by the company in the following ways:
To provide products or services required by the customer, including products, repair and overhaul, and after-sales service and distribution of comic directories sales. (Personal information includes such information necessary to understand customer requirements, such as the purchase of the customer record and repair operations carried out by)
To enable response to customer requests including a record customer queries (this includes the collection of their query in order to improve the company's response) as a reference to determine the customer's requirements with respect to products, planning, development, advertising and sales activities Foto Express Services Inc (This personal information will include answers to questionnaires provided at the time of purchase, and a questionnaire customer satisfaction, and record customer) inquiries.
To view product information and company information and information services and other relevant information relating to Foto Express Inc. company, for example, send a photographer or new product information, books or magazines, postcards, magazines, guide, and notify winners or to send an award or for the purpose of communicating with the people concerned.
To check the participants in the exhibitions, seminars and send them after the events.
To develop good relations with relevant entities trading partners and keep them as a reference in a set of individuals, offering personal information by the inquirer or advanced to the company.
To send necessary for shareholders, including informing them of General Meeting of shareholders, management and dividends or other procedures as required by the Commercial Code also provides personal data and other laws and regulations applicable Protection Act documents. It can be personal data that is obtained treatment and are used as data statistics provided they are determined the identities of the persons concerned.

3 - provide personal information to third parties
(1) The provision of personal information to third parties; shall not disclose personal information obtained to third parties except in the cases described below: obtaining prior approval, as permitted by personal data or any other laws and regulations related to the protection of the law.
(2) The provision of personal information to subcontractors; may disclose personal information obtained and provided to subcontractors in the limited scope necessary to get to the purpose for which the information is used. For example, when the company sends products to one of the distributors, or be granted a structured role of the campaign of one of the corporate data processing. In such a case, you must sign a confidentiality agreement by a third party and must be on the company's strict control and supervision of the deal third party with personal information.
(3) sharing of personal information; it permissible to share personal information that is obtained and used within the range Nikon companies (click here for a list of home pages group companies) in order to achieve the purposes of use and incoming mentioned in Section 2, "The use of personal information." and personal information that may be shared within the group are: names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and dates of purchase and repair dates and the date of the query and the content and the content of the request. Nikon Corporation assumes responsibility towards the protection of personal information that is shared and used by the group. The group will play a Nikon companies to supervise the political protection of privacy for Nikon group companies and control of personal information safety.

4 - appropriate management of personal information
Scheduled to take all appropriate and necessary safety measures to prevent personal information that is obtained or loss of or damage to the leak, in addition to ensuring the protection of personal information in accordance with the privacy policy to protect the Nikon group companies and regulations and other related information management company. Moreover, the company will provide all the necessary training for each of its directors, employees and other relevant staff to ensure the proper processing of information.

5 - queries
It is directed queries from customers about their personal information, including verification of the purpose and use it to express opinions or make complaints about dealing with their personal information, to the department who gave his personal information to the client in the beginning.

6 - Optimization
The company will comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of privacy in the Arab Republic of Egypt will review the contents of this document and Sthassanha constantly in an effort to better protection of privacy.