Mohamed Hisham - One Man Crew Documentary

Dive into the art of visual storytelling with Mohamed Hisham, a renowned figure in the realms of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking. This exclusive lecture is designed to sharpen your skills in capturing the essence of documentary videography

Discover One Man Crew Documentary with Mohamed Hisham

Key Topics:

  • Idea Development: Learn the process of shaping a powerful narrative from the initial concept to the final shot.
  • Campaign Execution: Gain insights into organizing and implementing a compelling campaign.
  • Scene Composition: Master the craft of scripting scenes.
  • Choosing the Right Gear: Understand the factors that guide the selection of locations, cameras, and accessories.
  • Image Selection: Discover how to choose shots that tell a story, whether for a book, an exhibit, or a video.

We look forward to guiding you through the captivating world of documentary imagery!don't miss the opportunity

Workshop is not available anymore