Nader Elhareedi - Hotel Photography

March 09, 2019 06 : 00 PM to 09 : 00 PM

Nader Elhareedi is a university professor of marketing and advertising. He is a commercial photographer and the owner of Exposure Photography and Video Production House.


Hotel Photography Talk Content

  1. The scope of hotel photography
  2. Reasons why hotels shoot their premise
  3. Getting the client’s brief
  4. Understanding the client’s photography guidelines
  5. Preparing the shoot list
  6. Submitting the technical and financial offer
  7. Preparing the right gear for the shoot
    1. Tips and tricks in hotel photography
    2. The dos and donts of hotel photography
  8. On the day of the shoot
  9. Editing your images
  10. Submitting the images to the client

Workshop is not available anymore